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"Grief is the last act of love we can give to those we loved."

Quite simply, if we live, connect, commit and love in our lifetime, we will grieve.

While others may have experienced a similar type of loss, no one has lost in the exact manner, with the exact relationship, and with your unique heart as you have.  Your journey will be just that, yours.  That said, you are not alone and you do not have to “show your strength” by grieving alone.  Experiencing one of the over 40 types of losses and grieving the loss and changes that follow simply reveals how deeply you have loved and/or committed to something once important.


It doesn’t make you broken.  No one needs to “fix” you.  You just need the support, space, tools, and guidance around the action steps to help complete your painful feelings of grief.  To clarify, recovering from and/or finding completion in the pain of your loss does not suggest you will let go of the relationship.  It will simply help you hold onto the memories without reliving the pain of the loss again and again which will allow you to feel less isolated and heartbroken.  It will allow you to live with your heart again.


It is never too soon to heal your broken heart. Would you wait to get help if you broke your arm? Then why wait when you break your heart?

Why did I choose grief?

After my divorce in my late 20s, I tried to resume life holding all of my grief and pain locked up inside while playing the role of “the happiest person anyone knew” on the outside.  It caught up to me in the form of anxiety, sleeplessness and a host of physical issues that I finally understood to be related.  I discovered the process of identifying, honoring, and working through the pain around losses in my life through counseling and grief support groups.

After the tragic and significant loss of a close family friend while obtaining my Life and Health Coach Certification, it became clear that I wanted to help others in their loss and grief journeys.  I truly believe when we give ourselves the grace, space and support to move through our grieving experiences, we can celebrate the life and love that continues to shine within us. And, importantly, we can honor the rich memories of that which we have lost.


While death and divorce are often the losses we think of when think of grief, there are over 40 different losses that can cause us to grieve:

  • Change/loss of health
  • Retirement
  • New baby
  • Children leaving home
  • Child with a disability or health issue
  • Change in financial situation
  • Change in health of a family member
  • Moving (change in residence or school)
  • Job change
  • Loss or change of a friendship/important relationship
  • Loss of pet
  • Loss of trust in a relationship

Just as each person’s grief journey is unique, so is their map to healing.

I offer a complimentary Life Coaching session to investigate your needs and determine if our partnership would be a supportive fit for each other.  I offer one-on-one coaching sessions to help you explore your strengths, needs, and goals for healing and moving forward. 

Let’s begin to repair your heart and live the life in front of you.

Individual Grief, Loss and Transitional Life Coaching

Individual sessions to make a plan for healing and then to work on identifying and uncovering areas of your life to explore and build upon after experiencing loss and life transition. We will work in a partnership to support you in finding your new path.

30 or 60 minute sessions available

Grief Recovery Programs Offered

Grief Support One-on-One: 7 Week Program

Grief Support Group: 8 Week Program

Helping Children with Loss: 4 Week Program
For parents to support their children who are grieving

Grief Support Online

“I am very happy with both Paula and the grief recovery program.  I am now able to understand my grief, feelings and loss, and  now feel equipped and ready to move forward to the rest of my life. I would highly recommend this class to anyone experiencing grief due to death, divorce or any significant loss.”    
– B.B.; Pittsburgh, PA